Deployment to Aldryn Cloud

Wagtail is now supported on Aldryn Cloud. The following steps will guide you to deploy Wagtail Cookiecutter Foundation projects on Aldryn Cloud.

Steps to Deploy

  1. Create a Wagtail project (like wagtail-aldryn) on Aldryn using the guide - Get Started with Wagtail on Aldryn

  2. Create a local development environment of project generated.

  3. Suppose the project you want to deploy (generated with Wagtail Cookiecutter Foundation) is named as wagtail-demo.

  4. Now we can copy the apps directories from wagtail-demo project directory to wagtail-aldryn project directory. You can move apps like pages, blog, utils etc. You are free to move any app but remember all static assets are present in pages app.

  5. Copy the media directory to wagtail-aldryn project directory.

  6. Open file from wagtail-aldryn project. Add the following requirements:


For updated list, copy the requirements from your wagtail-demo project.

  1. Open file from wagtail-aldryn project. Add the following:

        # add your project specific apps here
        ('text/x-scss', 'django_libsass.SassCompiler'),
  2. Importing Database from wagtail-demo project.

  • Create db dump of wagtail-demo project.

  • Wagtail Cookiecutter Foundation and Aldryn projects use PostgreSQL as a database management system (DBMS). To transfer your existing Postgres data dumps into the wagtail-aldryn project, the commands to do so could look like following example:

    docker exec <container_id> dropdb -U postgres db --if-exists
    docker exec <container_id> createdb -U postgres db
    docker exec <container_id> psql -U postgres --dbname=db -c "CREATE EXTENSION IF NOT EXISTS hstore"
    docker run --rm -v /path/to/dump:/app/tmp/db_dump --link <container_id>:postgres postgres:9.4 /bin/bash -c pg_restore -h postgres -U postgres -F /app/tmp/db_dump --dbname=db -n public --no-owner --exit-on-error

Note: <container_id> is usually something like: projectslug_db (if you’re unsure, open the docker-compose.yaml file and check.

  1. Test locally if everything works.
  2. Push changes to Server

To push code changes to the test server, run for example:

git add .
git commit -m "Your commit message"
git push

To push DB changes, run:

aldryn project push db

To push media file changes, run:

aldryn project push media

To deploy the test server, run:

aldryn project deploy

Useful links: