App Modules

We provide a comprehensive suite of apps to use for building your site. We take a modular approach so that can pick and choose the functionality you want to include.


The Blog Page module allows for your daily blog post, articles or even news posts.

  • Now supports Facebook sized feed images by default 1200x630
  • Blog page redesigned for a simpler look and feel


This is your Contact Page with included contact form that supports unlimited fields.

  • New side bar supporting google map images
  • Contact card flexibility


The Event Page module allows for adding of your upcoming events with fields for date, location, time, cost and much more.

  • New Event Feed design with scroll access which allows for multiple events to be presented in the feed.


This core module allows for different pages to be added including a Homepage and Standard Pages with multiple different template layouts.

  • Standard Index now supports Feed Images
  • Now supports template options for full page site of a standard page with a sidebar


The People Page module allows for biography pages for persons in your organization or team.

  • New design to the people index with callout


The Product Page module allows for a store like look allowing you to display products with prices and also related products.

  • New design to the product index with callout
  • Redesign of the Product Page with carousel access to products


New updated share buttons with whatsapp added for mobile