Styling your ProjectΒΆ

The projects generated with this cookiecutter include a scss file, named app.scss. You can find the settings file under <project_slug>/pages/static/css/.

Every component includes a set of variables that modify the core structural or visual styles. If there’s something you can’t customize with a variable, you can just write your own CSS to add it.

We are now using colors $primary, $secondary, $tertiary, so changing the look of your site has now become simpler. Change these main colors can give your project a whole new look within seconds. These are the default scss colors of your project.

$primary: #3F51B5;
$secondary: #303F9F;
$tertiary: #FF4081;
$off-white : #F2F2F2;
$tundora: #444;
$mine-shaft: #333;
$dark-metal: #222;

By default your project is set:

  • $primary - Topbar, Header Backgrounds and Links
  • $secondary - Social Bar and Sub-headers
  • $tertiary - Buttons and Hovers
  • $tundora - Headers and Paragraph

For further documentation on using sass check out Foundation SASS.