Ansible Variables

Group Variables

Variable Default
project_slug ssh://
project_title Wagtail Project
project_name Wagtail Project
virtualenvs_dir /home/django/virtualenvs/
sites_dir /usr/local/sites
nginx_root_dir /etc/nginx/sites-available
deploy_user django
keystore_path project_slug/ansible/project_slug_keystore
vcs hg - mecurial git - git

Host Variables

Variable Default
use_ssl True if this is going to be a production deployment
DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE wagtail_project.settings.production
HOST_NAME server_name
DB_USER django
DJANGO_ADMIN: django_admim_user_name
DJANGO_ADMIN: your_django_admin_password
DB_PASSWD The database password you must set a value for this
DB_HOST localhost
DB_NAME cookiecutter.project_slug_db
EMAIL_HOST The SMTP email host name e.g.
EMAIL_USER The email user
EMAIL_PASSWD The email password